Clay Creations 1480 Delwood St Vallejo, Ca. 94591 (707) 319-6797
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Clay Creations 1480 Delwood St. Vallejo, Ca. 
New Clay Creations Schedule

Summer Camp
Mondays & Wednesdays 11:am to 2:pm
Two Weeks Only

One Day a Week Classes
Mondays -  Children Only - 11:am to 2:pm

Tuesday - Adults Only - 11:am to 2:pm (Adults Only)

Saturday -  Open Class - Children & Adults 11:am to 2:pm 

Children's Clay Club Cards - $60.00 (4 Sessions).
Adult Clay Club Cards - $75.00. (4 Sessions) Also Includes 25lb bag of Clay.
Clay Creations accepts Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards
Call Theresa to Set up Your Appointment for a Clay Experience 

(707) 319-6797

Clay Creations

We have Many Items For Sale.
Nothing Over $25.00
Come and See What a Buck Can Still Buy!!!!
If you're looking for That Special gift for that Special someone, give me a call. If you don't see anything that catches your eye. We'll make it to your specifications.
(707) 319-6797
Theresa is standing by with Apron in hand!!!
Sale Hours are the Same as Class Hours

A Few Words About Clay Creations
Here at Clay Creations, we offer Classes in Wheel Throwing, Hand Building, and Clay Sculpture.

We welcome all Experience Levels. Men, Women, and Children of all Ages.

We have Two complete Potters Studio, and nothing but Name Brand Equipment such as  Shimpo Wheels, Shimpo Slab Rollers, and Lockerbie Electric Kick Wheel. 

We also have Assorted Hand Tools, Clays, Glazes, Texture Mats, Banding Wheels, Batts, and How To Books, all available for your use.
E-Mail us at
Clay Creations, Call us at 707 319-6797
Theresa - Owner
Sign-up For our Adult Clay Class, or if You're not Interested Being a World Renouned Artist, just Stop by and Say Hi. We love Making New Friends.
And Please Always Remember, Kids are our Future and Their Future's are in Our Hands.

If You've Never Experienced the Wonders of Clay.
Ask About our Clay Experience Believe Me! 
You'll Enjoy
Meet Theresa at Clay Creations
********************The Studio***********************
You've Came This Far. How about signing in. Thanks
The Students Seem to Learn Well and Most are Amazingly Talented.

The Projects That They Come up with and the Techniques that They use Make Them Skillful Beyond Their Years.
****************The Barrel Fire****************
Margo Scarpulla
our Pit fire Guru Creates Magic in a Barrel. 
We got it Started, Now we can't wait to see what comes out!!!!
The Old Girl is Smokin Now!!!
More Smoke!!!!!
Tim is Stoking the Fire with a Very, Very Small Piece of Kindling. I think.......
All and All, We had a Great Time and Everything came out Beautiful....

Can't Wait to do it Again!!!! If You Would like to give this Technique a Try. Give Me a Call and Let's Get Started....